The Bad Guest
A transition from my public performances I started to make work in the bathrooms of my friends and family. Whenever I was invited over for dinner or a social gathering I would sneak into the host's bathroom, pick up a toothbrush, and move it. The movement was always minimal. Sometimes I would move it a few inches, other times a bit further. The importance was to understand and violate a unnoticeable personal object. I would wonder if anyone would see. Are our everyday actions so ingrained in us that we immediately notice if something so banal as this was disrupted? One friend called immediately after I left her house asking if I had moved her toothbrush. Another person, who I moved their toothbrush multiple times, told me months later that they thought they were losing their mind. They were convinced their memory had failed them. They thought they would put their toothbrush one place, when they returned it was somewhere different. Past and present no longer connected.