Shopping Carts

I mapped stolen shopping carts in North East Los Angeles. I would record their location (photographically) then I would measure the distance they had traveled. Shopping carts are created to hold items one plans to purpose. By taking them out of their commercial setting, they develop endless social uses. These carts are taken by families who do not own a car and need away to carry home their groceries. They are taken by the homeless to push around their few belonging. I have also seen college students use them to move their months laundry to the laundry mat. Missing carts has causes major problems for shopping vendors, because purchasing new ones are very expensive (avg $150-200 a cart). Store owners will often install magnetic devices on to the wheels that will lock them in place if they leave the parking lot. Small family cart pickup companies are developing. They drive around and collect abandoned shopping carts in order to receive a commission from each store. A whole social commerce has been created by and for this local community. The carts are taken for use and return for money, all at the cost of merchant. I am not condoning their actions, since it is stealing (nor am I condemning it either). But when a community spends their hard worked money at a business, they have the right to ask for something return.