October 8th 7-9:30pm

Accompanying Julia Westerbeke’s exhibition “Alien Organic”, Paul Pescador will be conducting “Scent” an ephemeral installation/performance. Pescador will rub a variety of herbs and produces in a 1.5 ft circular space of the gallery as a means to create a complex scent surrounding the small-designated space. The work mimics reminisce of human presence, almost like a strong perfume that lingers once one walks away. Both sweet and pungent, the scents reference the organic materials that one wears, eats, and digests.

Paul Pescador is an artist and filmmaker. His actions, gestures, and performances, deal with issues of social disconnection and communal space. He is a Studio Art MFA candidate for University of California, Irvine, Pescador has shown in New York, Seoul, and Los Angeles.